Laravel - Broadcasting - Client Pusher Channels

Laravel Echo is a JavaScript library that makes it painless to subscribe to channels and listen for events broadcast by your server-side broadcasting driver. You may install Echo via the NPM package manager. In this example, we will also install the pusher-js package since we will be using the Pusher Channels broadcaster:

    npm install --save-dev laravel-echo pusher-js

Once Echo is installed, you are ready to create a fresh Echo instance in your application's JavaScript. A great place to do this is at the bottom of the resources/js/bootstrap.js file that is included with the Laravel framework. By default, an example Echo configuration is already included in this file - you simply need to uncomment it:

    import Echo from 'laravel-echo';
    window.Pusher = require('pusher-js');
    window.Echo = new Echo({
        broadcaster: 'pusher',
        key: process.env.MIX_PUSHER_APP_KEY,
        cluster: process.env.MIX_PUSHER_APP_CLUSTER,
        forceTLS: true

Once you have uncommented and adjusted the Echo configuration according to your needs, you may compile your application's assets:

    npm run dev
To learn more about compiling your application's JavaScript assets, please consult the documentation on Laravel Mix.