Laravel - Notifications - Sms Prerequisites

Sending SMS notifications in Laravel is powered by Vonage (formerly known as Nexmo). Before you can send notifications via Vonage, you need to install the laravel/nexmo-notification-channel and nexmo/laravel Composer packages

    composer require laravel/nexmo-notification-channel nexmo/laravel

The nexmo/laravel package includes its own configuration file. However, you are not required to export this configuration file to your own application. You can simply use the NEXMO_KEY and NEXMO_SECRET environment variables to set your Vonage public and secret key.

Next, you will need to add a nexmo configuration entry to your config/services.php configuration file. You may copy the example configuration below to get started:

    'nexmo' => [
        'sms_from' => '15556666666',

The sms_from option is the phone number that your SMS messages will be sent from. You should generate a phone number for your application in the Vonage control panel.