Laravel - HTTP Tests - Testing Json Apis

Laravel also provides several helpers for testing JSON APIs and their responses. For example, the json, getJson, postJson, putJson, patchJson, deleteJson, and optionsJson methods may be used to issue JSON requests with various HTTP verbs. You may also easily pass data and headers to these methods. To get started, let's write a test to make a POST request to /api/user and assert that the expected JSON data was returned:

    postJson('/api/user', ['name' => 'Sally']);
                    'created' => true,

In addition, JSON response data may be accessed as array variables on the response, making it convenient for you to inspect the individual values returned within a JSON response:

The assertJson method converts the response to an array and utilizes PHPUnit::assertArraySubset to verify that the given array exists within the JSON response returned by the application. So, if there are other properties in the JSON response, this test will still pass as long as the given fragment is present.