Laravel - Package Development - Publishing File Groups

You may want to publish groups of package assets and resources separately. For instance, you might want to allow your users to publish your package's configuration files without being forced to publish your package's assets. You may do this by "tagging" them when calling the publishes method from a package's service provider. For example, let's use tags to define two publish groups for the courier package (courier-config and courier-migrations) in the boot method of the package's service provider:

     * Bootstrap any package services.
     * @return void
    public function boot()
            __DIR__.'/../config/package.php' => config_path('package.php')
        ], 'courier-config');
            __DIR__.'/../database/migrations/' => database_path('migrations')
        ], 'courier-migrations');

Now your users may publish these groups separately by referencing their tag when executing the vendor:publish command:

    php artisan vendor:publish --tag=courier-config