Laravel - HTTP Tests - Fluent Json Testing

Laravel also offers a beautiful way to fluently test your application's JSON responses. To get started, pass a closure to the assertJson method. This closure will be invoked with an instance of Illuminate\Testing\Fluent\AssertableJson which can be used to make assertions against the JSON that was returned by your application. The where method may be used to make assertions against a particular attribute of the JSON, while the missing method may be used to assert that a particular attribute is missing from the JSON:

    use Illuminate\Testing\Fluent\AssertableJson;
     * A basic functional test example.
     * @return void
    public function test_fluent_json()
        $response = $this->json('GET', '/users/1');
            ->assertJson(fn (AssertableJson $json) =>
                $json->where('id', 1)
                     ->where('name', 'Victoria Faith')