Laravel - File Storage - File Uploads

In web applications, one of the most common use-cases for storing files is storing user uploaded files such as photos and documents. Laravel makes it very easy to store uploaded files using the store method on an uploaded file instance. Call the store method with the path at which you wish to store the uploaded file:

            return $path;

There are a few important things to note about this example. Note that we only specified a directory name, not a filename. By default, the store method will generate a unique ID to serve as the filename. The file's extension will be determined by examining the file's MIME type. The path to the file will be returned by the store method so you can store the path, including the generated filename, in your database.

You may also call the putFile method on the Storage facade to perform the same file storage operation as the example above:

    $path = Storage::putFile('avatars', $request->file('avatar'));