Laravel - HTTP Tests - Asserting Json Types

You may only want to assert that the properties in the JSON response are of a certain type. The Illuminate\Testing\Fluent\AssertableJson class provides the whereType and whereAllType methods for doing just that:

    $response->assertJson(fn (AssertableJson $json) =>
        $json->whereType('id', 'integer')
                '' => 'string',
                'meta' => 'array'

You may specify multiple types using the | character, or passing an array of types as the second parameter to the whereType method. The assertion will be successful if the response value is any of the listed types:

    $response->assertJson(fn (AssertableJson $json) =>
        $json->whereType('name', 'string|null')
             ->whereType('id', ['string', 'integer'])

The whereType and whereAllType methods recognize the following types: string, integer, double, boolean, array, and null.