Laravel - Mocking - Event Fake

When testing code that dispatches events, you may wish to instruct Laravel to not actually execute the event's listeners. Using the Event facade's fake method, you may prevent listeners from executing, execute the code under test, and then assert which events were dispatched by your application using the assertDispatched, assertNotDispatched, and assertNothingDispatched methods:


You may pass a closure to the assertDispatched or assertNotDispatched methods in order to assert that an event was dispatched that passes a given "truth test". If at least one event was dispatched that passes the given truth test then the assertion will be successful:

    Event::assertDispatched(function (OrderShipped $event) use ($order) {
        return $event->order->id === $order->id;

If you would simply like to assert that an event listener is listening to a given event, you may use the assertListening method:

After calling Event::fake(), no event listeners will be executed. So, if your tests use model factories that rely on events, such as creating a UUID during a model's creating event, you should call Event::fake() after using your factories.