Laravel - Requests - Configuring Trusted Proxies

When running your applications behind a load balancer that terminates TLS / SSL certificates, you may notice your application sometimes does not generate HTTPS links when using the url helper. Typically this is because your application is being forwarded traffic from your load balancer on port 80 and does not know it should generate secure links.

To solve this, you may use the App\Http\Middleware\TrustProxies middleware that is included in your Laravel application, which allows you to quickly customize the load balancers or proxies that should be trusted by your application. Your trusted proxies should be listed as an array on the $proxies property of this middleware. In addition to configuring the trusted proxies, you may configure the proxy $headers that should be trusted:

If you are using AWS Elastic Load Balancing, your $headers value should be Request::HEADER_X_FORWARDED_AWS_ELB. For more information on the constants that may be used in the $headers property, check out Symfony's documentation on trusting proxies.