Laravel - Broadcasting - The Shouldbroadcast Interface

When a user is viewing one of their orders, we don't want them to have to refresh the page to view status updates. Instead, we want to broadcast the updates to the application as they are created. So, we need to mark the OrderShipmentStatusUpdated event with the ShouldBroadcast interface. This will instruct Laravel to broadcast the event when it is fired:


The ShouldBroadcast interface requires our event to define a broadcastOn method. This method is responsible for returning the channels that the event should broadcast on. An empty stub of this method is already defined on generated event classes, so we only need to fill in its details. We only want the creator of the order to be able to view status updates, so we will broadcast the event on a private channel that is tied to the order:

     * Get the channels the event should broadcast on.
     * @return \Illuminate\Broadcasting\PrivateChannel
    public function broadcastOn()
        return new PrivateChannel('orders.'.$this->order->id);