Laravel - Mail - Via The With Method

If you would like to customize the format of your email's data before it is sent to the template, you may manually pass your data to the view via the with method. Typically, you will still pass data via the mailable class' constructor; however, you should set this data to protected or private properties so the data is not automatically made available to the template. Then, when calling the with method, pass an array of data that you wish to make available to the template:

    order = $order;
         * Build the message.
         * @return $this
        public function build()
            return $this->view('emails.orders.shipped')
                            'orderName' => $this->order->name,
                            'orderPrice' => $this->order->price,

Once the data has been passed to the with method, it will automatically be available in your view, so you may access it like you would access any other data in your Blade templates:

Price: {{ $orderPrice }}