Laravel - Relationships - Counting Related Models On Morph To Relationships

If you would like to eager load a "morph to" relationship, as well as related model counts for the various entities that may be returned by that relationship, you may utilize the with method in combination with the morphTo relationship's morphWithCount method.

In this example, let's assume that Photo and Post models may create ActivityFeed models. We will assume the ActivityFeed model defines a "morph to" relationship named parentable that allows us to retrieve the parent Photo or Post model for a given ActivityFeed instance. Additionally, let's assume that Photo models "have many" Tag models and Post models "have many" Comment models.

Now, let's imagine we want to retrieve ActivityFeed instances and eager load the parentable parent models for each ActivityFeed instance. In addition, we want to retrieve the number of tags that are associated with each parent photo and the number of comments that are associated with each parent post:

    use Illuminate\Database\Eloquent\Relations\MorphTo;
    $activities = ActivityFeed::with([
        'parentable' => function (MorphTo $morphTo) {
                Photo::class => ['tags'],
                Post::class => ['comments'],