Laravel - Queues - Handle Method Dependency Injection

The handle method is invoked when the job is processed by the queue. Note that we are able to type-hint dependencies on the handle method of the job. The Laravel service container automatically injects these dependencies.

If you would like to take total control over how the container injects dependencies into the handle method, you may use the container's bindMethod method. The bindMethod method accepts a callback which receives the job and the container. Within the callback, you are free to invoke the handle method however you wish. Typically, you should call this method from the boot method of your App\Providers\AppServiceProvider service provider:

    use App\Jobs\ProcessPodcast;
    use App\Services\AudioProcessor;
    $this->app->bindMethod([ProcessPodcast::class, 'handle'], function ($job, $app) {
        return $job->handle($app->make(AudioProcessor::class));
Binary data, such as raw image contents, should be passed through the base64_encode function before being passed to a queued job. Otherwise, the job may not properly serialize to JSON when being placed on the queue.