Laravel - Relationships - The Save Method

Eloquent provides convenient methods for adding new models to relationships. For example, perhaps you need to add a new comment to a post. Instead of manually setting the post_id attribute on the Comment model you may insert the comment using the relationship's save method:

    use App\Models\Comment;
    use App\Models\Post;
    $comment = new Comment(['message' => 'A new comment.']);
    $post = Post::find(1);

Note that we did not access the comments relationship as a dynamic property. Instead, we called the comments method to obtain an instance of the relationship. The save method will automatically add the appropriate post_id value to the new Comment model.

If you need to save multiple related models, you may use the saveMany method:

    $post = Post::find(1);
        new Comment(['message' => 'A new comment.']),
        new Comment(['message' => 'Another new comment.']),

The save and saveMany methods will persist the given model instances, but will not add the newly persisted models to any in-memory relationships that are already loaded onto the parent model. If you plan on accessing the relationship after using the save or saveMany methods, you may wish to use the refresh method to reload the model and its relationships:

    // All comments, including the newly saved comment...