Laravel - Notifications - Formatting Broadcast Notifications

The broadcast channel broadcasts notifications using Laravel's event broadcasting services, allowing your JavaScript powered frontend to catch notifications in realtime. If a notification supports broadcasting, you can define a toBroadcast method on the notification class. This method will receive a $notifiable entity and should return a BroadcastMessage instance. If the toBroadcast method does not exist, the toArray method will be used to gather the data that should be broadcast. The returned data will be encoded as JSON and broadcast to your JavaScript powered frontend. Let's take a look at an example toBroadcast method:

    use Illuminate\Notifications\Messages\BroadcastMessage;
     * Get the broadcastable representation of the notification.
     * @param  mixed  $notifiable
     * @return BroadcastMessage
    public function toBroadcast($notifiable)
        return new BroadcastMessage([
            'invoice_id' => $this->invoice->id,
            'amount' => $this->invoice->amount,