Laravel - Email Verification - The Email Verification Notice

As mentioned previously, a route should be defined that will return a view instructing the user to click the email verification link that was emailed to them by Laravel after registration. This view will be displayed to users when they try to access other parts of the application without verifying their email address first. Remember, the link is automatically emailed to the user as long as your App\Models\User model implements the MustVerifyEmail interface:

    Route::get('/email/verify', function () {
        return view('auth.verify-email');

The route that returns the email verification notice should be named verification.notice. It is important that the route is assigned this exact name since the verified middleware included with Laravel will automatically redirect to this route name if a user has not verified their email address.

When manually implementing email verification, you are required to define the contents of the verification notice view yourself. If you would like scaffolding that includes all necessary authentication and verification views, check out the Laravel application starter kits.