Laravel - Cache - Registering The Driver

To register the custom cache driver with Laravel, we will use the extend method on the Cache facade. Since other service providers may attempt to read cached values within their boot method, we will register our custom driver within a booting callback. By using the booting callback, we can ensure that the custom driver is registered just before the boot method is called on our application's service providers but after the register method is called on all of the service providers. We will register our booting callback within the register method of our application's App\Providers\AppServiceProvider class:

    app->booting(function () {
                 Cache::extend('mongo', function ($app) {
                     return Cache::repository(new MongoStore);
         * Bootstrap any application services.
         * @return void
        public function boot()

The first argument passed to the extend method is the name of the driver. This will correspond to your driver option in the config/cache.php configuration file. The second argument is a closure that should return an Illuminate\Cache\Repository instance. The closure will be passed an $app instance, which is an instance of the service container.

Once your extension is registered, update your config/cache.php configuration file's driver option to the name of your extension.