Laravel - Blade Templates - Components

Components and slots provide similar benefits to sections, layouts, and includes; however, some may find the mental model of components and slots easier to understand. There are two approaches to writing components: class based components and anonymous components.

To create a class based component, you may use the make:component Artisan command. To illustrate how to use components, we will create a simple Alert component. The make:component command will place the component in the App\View\Components directory:

    php artisan make:component Alert

The make:component command will also create a view template for the component. The view will be placed in the resources/views/components directory. When writing components for your own application, components are automatically discovered within the app/View/Components directory and resources/views/components directory, so no further component registration is typically required.

You may also create components within subdirectories:

    php artisan make:component Forms/Input

The command above will create an Input component in the App\View\Components\Forms directory and the view will be placed in the resources/views/components/forms directory.